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Girls Minor Rules


The Minor League girls will follow the Ohio High School Athletic Association rules with the following amendments:

  1. A player can only play the same position 3 innings and each girl must play the outfield at least once by the 5th inning.

  2. 4 runs per inning.

  3. A pitcher can pitch no more than 3 innings in any game and they need not be consecutive. If a game goes into extra innings a pitcher may re-enter for 1 additional inning only.

  4. A first year player with a softball age of 9 years old as of 7/31/2017 must pitch one complete inning by the 5th inning. A complete inning will be considered three outs or four runs. If a team has not pitched a 9 year old pitcher before the time limit or 6 innings that team will FORFEIT.

  5. Facemasks are required for pitchers.

  6. Every player will bat regardless of whether they are playing in the field or not.

  7. No leadoffs or stealing home. Stealing is allowed after the ball crosses home plate.

  8. 6 Innings per game. No new inning will be started after 1:50 after first pitch, meaning that ties are possible. All playoff games will be played to completion.

  9. 10 Players on the field (4 outfielders).

  10. Free substitutions of players in the field. Teams do not have to notify each other of who enters, leaves, or reenters the game.

  11. All players must play 3 innings in the field and every player must play in the outfield at least 1 inning.

  12. A courtesy runner may be used for the catcher whenever she reaches base and can be used during any outs, but it is mandatory with two outs. The courtesy runner will be the player who made the last out.

  13. Final standings will be based on winning percentage of AAA games only.

  14. The winning team must report the score within 24 hours of the game.

  15. A forfeit will occur when a team cannot field eight players. There will be a 15-minute grace period.

  16. Teams must have at least 8 players to play. Teams are allowed to borrow players from other teams in order to play. The borrowed player is NOT permitted to pitch and must play the outfield the entire game.

  17. Pitchers must use the proper pitching technique as defined by OHSAA. The pitcher shall not take more than one step forward, toward the batter and simultaneous with the delivery.  Both feet must be touching the rubber when they start the windup.  A step back can be taken with the foot opposite of the pivot foot.  Right foot for right hand pitcher, left for left hand pitchers.

  18. A runner can score only from being walked in or on a ball hit into play (e.g. – base hit, fielder’s choice, sacrifice, or even errors from one of these). A runner can advance up to 3rd on steals and errors from the attempt, but they cannot score.

  19. On a ball hit into play, play continues until the ball is secured by the pitcher in the pitcher’s circle.

  20. Mound to plate = 35’; softball diameter = 11”;

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