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Softball Girls Rookie League

2017 Girls Rookie League Rules
1. Six innings per game. Three complete innings make an official game. 2-Hour Time Limit
2. Maximum 5 runs per inning.
3. Play extra innings to break ties. All innings will be completed no matter what the score is.
4. Every player bats, whether they are playing the field in an inning or not.
5. 5 pitches per batter. If the batter does not put the ball into play by the fifth pitch, she will be considered out.
6. Each batter must wear a batting helmet with protective facemask.
7. There will be no walks or strikeouts. All batters receive 5 pitches, or they put the ball in play.
8. Coaches must stand at the pitching rubber. If they are hit by a batted-ball, the play is dead and all runners advance 1 base.
9. The ball is considered ‘IN-PLAY’ until a fielder has the ball at a base or inside the pitching circle.
10. Runners May advance ONE BASE on an overthrow of First Base.
11. No Lead-Offs or Stealing
12. Each player must play at least 3 innings defensively.
13. A player can only play the same position for two innings per game.
14. Every player must play the outfield for at least one inning.
15. Free substitution of players in the field. Once the inning begins no switches of position. ***Exceptions: Bathroom or Injury.
16. Infield fly rule will not be enforced.
17. Four outfielders permitted. Each outfielder must start with both feet in the outfield grass.
18. Teams must have at least 8 players to begin a game. Teams must field a catcher if they have 9 or more players.
19. The defensive pitcher will remain in position until the ball is hit.
20. Teams will field a catcher wearing the proper catcher’s equipment.
21. Pitchers and 3rd Baseman will be required to wear a protective mask.
22. Only the coach that is pitching and base coaches are allowed on the field.
23. A coach must complete pitching the inning once he/she begins.
24. Only Coaches, Players and siblings (when being watched by a coach) are allowed in the dugout.
25. Teams will trade defensive lineup cards prior to the game


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