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AYSO Matrix is a competitive soccer program with interplay with CalSouth club teams in the Presidio Soccer League for boys and girls in age divisions U11 - U19.

AYSO Matrix 11-S is the CalSouth League of Registration serving the communities listed below.  Please click on the AYSO Matrix Club name for a link to the Club webiste.

AYSO Matrix 11-S Club     AYSO Region     Primary Communities Served
AYSO Matrix Bonita   116   Bonita, Eastern Chula Vista
AYSO Matrix Spring Valley (inactive in 2015)   258   Spring Valley, Lemmon Grove
AYSO Matrix Chula Vista (inactive in 2015)   290   Chula Vista
AYSO Matrix Paradise Hills (inactive in 2015)   581   Paradise Hills, National City, San Diego
AYSO Matrix South Bay   712   South Bay, Imperial Beach, Nestor, South San Diego

: please click on the Club name for a link to the Club website

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