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Spring League

2016 Area Spring League

(Updated  1 Mar 2016)

2016 Rules & Regulations

Spring Schedules

(Updated 28 Mar 2016)

BU8   BU10   BU12   BU14   BU16-U19

GU8   GU10   GU12   GU14   GU16-U19

(Updated 17 Apr 2016 -- Coaches corrections only)

Master Schedule

Standings & Results

(Updated 23 May 2016)

BU10   BU12   BU14   BU16-U19

GU10   GU12   GU14   GU16-U19

** For questions about schedules,  please contact the Area 1D scheduler **
** For questions about standings & results,  please contact the Area 1D statistician **


An AYSO Incident Report Form is used whenever there is a personal injury, damaged property, or threats of or actual physical violence surrounding an AYSO game, practice, event or property. The form should be prepared by the coach, AYSO Official, or AYSO Volunteer or by tournament or event staff members. Instructions are included within the linked document. Answers to frequently asked questions regarding soccer accidents may be found on the AYSO insurance website.

For all Area 1D Program (U10-U14 Playoffs, U16-U19, Spring, VIP) matches, you should forward your incident report to the Area Director within 48 hours.

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