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Please review this entire page, as many things have changed from last year.

Once you have reviewed the information below, you may begin the on-line registration process by clicking on the "My Account"  or "Login" icons in the EXTREME upper right of any page in the registration portal. 

Parents should note that Travel Soccer requires a commitment to play in both a Fall and Spring season. 

If you have any questions, please contact John Klimas Tryout Committee Chairman, at

Financial assistance is available by contacting BHYSC President, Kevin Dearman at 

Travel Soccer Tryout Registration Fee Refund Policy – Please read carefully

Revised for 2017/18


All Registration Fees are fully refundable for all players if they withdraw prior to the first Tryout Date for their age group.


BHYSC does retain $50 of the Registration Fees (“Tryout Fee”) for certain players who are NOT residents of Berkeley Heights or Mountainside under the circumstances listed below. This fee retention, WILL NOT apply to players, regardless of residency, who were on a BHYSC team roster for any portion of the 2016/17 seasonal year.


Tryout Fees will be charged to non-residents of Berkeley Heights or Mountainside if:


1)   A player is offered a roster spot on a BHYSC team and refuses the spot.

2)   A player withdraws for any reason AFTER the first Tryout date for their age group.

3)   A player accepts a roster spot on a non-BHYSC team and therefor cannot be offered a BHYSC roster slot.
4)   This fee WILL NOT be collected from ANY player who was on a BHYSC roster for any portion of the 2016/17 seasonal year. 


All Registration Fees are fully refundable for any player who is not offered a roster spot, UNLESS the reason for not being offered a roster spot is that they have accepted a roster spot on a non-BHYSC team.


Full BHYSC Fees for 2017/18 will be collected prior to Team Rosters being posted on-line. When team rosters are posted on-line, there will also be a "Commitment Date" posted. The Commitment Date is typically anywhere between 3 to 7 days after the date of the posting.


Residents of Berkeley Heights and Mountainside and players who were on a BHYSC roster for any portion of the 2016/17 seasonal year, will receive a full refund of ALL 2017/18 fees if you decline a roster spot any time up to and including 11:59 PM on the Commitment Date. Other players who decline spots by this deadline will receive a refund except for the Tryout Fee. After the Commitment Date, no refunds are possible for ANY players. 


If your player is not offered a roster spot, you will receive a full refund. 


To withdraw you must send an email to John Klimas, at prior to the Commitment Date. You will receive acknowledgement e-mail within 24 hours. Please keep this e-mail as evidence of your timely withdraw.


Please note that BHYSC reserves the right to ask for a player to commit to a roster spot prior to the posting the Team Rosters in order to help manage final roster sizes. If a player is asked for a commitment to a roster spot and accepts, they cannot receive a refund of any fees.


If you withdraw after the "Commitment Date" no fee refunds are possible for any player. 


Once you have reviewed the above refund policy and Travel Soccer - Frequently Asked Questions please select the "My Account" or "Login" icon in the extreme upper right corner of this page and follow the instructions to register for Tryouts. 

Link to Tryout Schedule.

BHYSC 2017 Registration Instructions  

After logging into the on-line system, you will eventually reach a page that will allow you to select the Tryout birth year for your player. Please select only one option.  

A few pages later, you will be given the option to pay in full or to delay payment. If you select the pay in full option, your credit card will be charged $440 upon registration. If you select the delayed payment option you will be charged $50 today with $390 being charged in May 2016.  

Please note that due to the nature of this year's Tryouts, you will be receiving many more communications to the e-mail address associated with your account. Please make sure the e-mail address is correct. Checking and updating this information is not intuitive. The e-mail address used is the one you see at the top of your log in page. You must update it by going into the PARENTS information not the player. Please see email update screen shot for information on the correct links.

If you are having problems registering, please contact your team’s coach or team manager for help. 

BHYSC Tryout Committee

Please direct all Soccer Development Academy questions to Mark Robertson at

Review Soccer Development Academy information at