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EastSide Soccer Association / Indy Force

A little about the EastSide Soccer Association

         The Eastside Soccer Association (ESSA) is a an all volunteer, non-profit soccer club that was founded in 1977 on the east side of Indianapolis (Warren Township) and is a member of Indiana Soccer.  ESSA offers recreational as well as travel soccer options to its members (the travel division is know as Indy Force).  The club's facilities are located on 22 acres of land at the corner of S German Church and Prospect Roads (937 S German Church Rd, Indianapolis, IN 46239). 

About Our Club

ESSA Mission Statement

    ESSA's mission is to promote, encourage, and develop youth soccer at all levels, and create a fun, exciting experience for the players, their families, and all who join us in this endeavor. We further strive to do this affordably for our families while educating players, parents, coaches, and referees in the rules, skills, and joys of soccer. We promise to do all this in an atmosphere of sportsmanship, competition and fun.

Offered Programs

Rec (Recreational) Soccer:

          So you have heard the term before, but do you really know what “recreational soccer” is? There are no legal definitions, no US Youth Soccer rules, policies or regulations regarding “recreational soccer”. One of the most often used terms is one of the least defined and understood. So let's try to make some sense of it: "Recreational soccer" is a soccer program that is primarily devoted to the enjoyment and development of soccer players without an emphasis on travel or a high level of competition. The purpose of recreational soccer is to provide an opportunity for the participants to have fun, learn the sport and develop life skills including a life long love of the game. In a nutshell, it is an intraclub soccer league that is designed to teach basic soccer skills, teach the basic rules of the game and expose kids to the world's most popular sport.

Travel Soccer:

          Travel is the competitive side of ESSA known as Indy Force  and plays its home games at the ESSA soccer fields at the corner of S German Church and Prospect Roads. The level of play and the competition are more advanced in travel soccer.  There is a much stronger emphasis on player development and teamwork helping to develop them for high school and college soccer.


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Contact Us

Mailing Address:

EastSide Soccer Association
PO Box 29377
Indianapolis, IN  46229

Field Address:

EastSide Soccer Association
937 S German Church Rd
Indianapolis, IN  46239



Email: essa-soccer

ESSA Field Rules


    While at the fields, the rules apply to everyome.  We tahnk you in advance for your cooperation.


  •  No Smoking on the premises
  • No firearms on the premesis

  • No Animals on the premesis
  • No alcoholic beverages on the premises
  • No foul or abusive language on the premises
  • No referee abuse
  • No fighting on the premises
  • Drive slow in the parking lot
  • Parking lot traffic should travel counter clockwise only
  • Area south of the entrance along German Church Road is Board Member and referee parking only
  • North gate is for exit only, south gate is for entering only
  • All spectators must sit on the opposite side of the field from the teams at all times during games