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So you want to be a soccer coach

    One of the toughest things for youth soccer organizations to do is get volunteer coaches for recreational soccer. You hear all the usual excuses; I'm too busy, I have to work, I don't know anything about soccer, etc. Some of them are legitimate but otheres are because people legitimately do not know anything about the game. The good news is, "You don't have to know anything about soccer". Being a soccer coach is about managing the players and the parents first. There are questions players and parents want to have the answer to:

  • Where am I supposed to be?
  • What time am I supposed to be there?
  • What am I supposed to do once I get there?


     If you can these three questions, you have already won the biggest battle of coaching a recreational soccer team. To summarize, it boils down to communication. Everything else you need to know to coach a soccer team can be learned on the internet with a few evening of research. So don't be afraid of the game, come on out and coach a team.

Below are some links to help you with the rules of the game and basic soccer training techniques. Good luck coach!

EastSide Soccer Association Rec Coach Interest Form

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Background Checks

All ESSA coaches are required by Indiana Soccer to have an approved background check on file in Gotsoccer.   Once ESSA has assigned you to coach a team, you will be given an ESSA Coach Application Form to fill out.  Once the form has been filled out, an account will be created in Gotsoccer and log-in information will be e-mailed to each coach.  Coaches must complete and submit the background checks at in order to coach a team.   No coach may coach a team until the background report has been submitted and approved.

If you wish to be an ESSA rec coach, please download an ESSA Rec Coach application form here: ESSA Rec Coach Application Form.  Once you have filled out the form, turn it in to an ESSA official at the fields for consideration. (No prior coaching experience needed)

Once you have received log-in information for your background check, click here:

If you need help completing your background check, click here: Gotsoccer Background Check Instructions